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The Original Chia Seed ‘Jam’!

Free from refined sugar, pectin and preservatives.

With only 5 ingredients, CHAM contains up to 50% less sugar, carbohydrates and calories than traditional jams and is a source of fibre. CHAM is gluten free and vegan friendly. Most importantly? It’s even tastier than the original jams!

Stir, scoop or spread…how do you CHAM?

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"It’s amazing-we love it!"

— Deliciously Ella

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      Stir, scoop or spread…how do you CHAM? #WECHAMMIN

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“Refreshing & tasty... best breakfast I've had all week!"

-The Delicatessen Mag


Available in:

  • Strawberry

  • Raspberry

  • Blueberry

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Leading the revolution in sugar free spreads…


We want to inspire people to be healthier, by revolutionising the products we consume, cutting out the cr*p whilst still being utterly delicious…

CHAM came about because whilst Alexandria loves food, it didn’t always love her back. Whilst studying in Australia with Will, her eyes were opened to a whole world of healthier and tastier alternatives, that left her body feeling good.

When Alexandria moved back to the UK she kept cooking and experimenting. One of her favourite recipes? Her chia seed jam.

Inspired to follow her passions, she decided to jump ship from her job in the city and bring her healthier alternatives to the wider market.

“CHAM was already a firm family and friend favourite, that I now want others to be able to enjoy”

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