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What is CHAM?

The Original Chia Seed ‘Jam’!

Free from refined sugar, pectin and preservatives.

With only 5 ingredients, CHAM contains up to 50% less sugar, carbohydrates and calories than traditional jams and is a source of fibre. It actually doesn’t contain enough sugar to be called a jam!

CHAM is gluten free and vegan friendly. Most importantly? It’s even tastier than the original jams!

Available in 3 flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry & Blueberry. Find CHAM in your local stockist or buy online.

Stir, scoop or spread…how do you CHAM? Find inspiration for your CHAM with our recipe section or via our Instagram.

My Story

I want to revolutionise the products we consume, removing unnecessary ingredients to create delicious alternatives that not only taste good but leave you feeling GOOD.

Whilst I love food, it hasn’t always loved me back. As a child I suffered from eczema & allergies that persisted as I got older. The list of things I could enjoy was slowly decreasing until I went to study in Australia (where I met Will!). In Sydney I discovered a whole world of healthier and tastier alternatives, that left me feeling the best I had in years.

When I moved back to the UK I kept cooking and experimenting, taking courses, reading & learning more about the food we consume & the effect it has on our bodies. I discovered the digestive issues, anxiety and fatigue I had suffered with could be managed with the help of a healthier diet.

I realised life is too short to not chase after the things you love, so I decided to jump ship from my job in the city and do something I was passionate about- helping others by bringing healthier alternatives to the wider market. ‘CHAM’ (chia + jam) was born.


I can’t wait to not only share CHAM with you, but all the delicious creations around it. We want to help you feel your best, without missing out on any of the fun.

You can reach me via email ( or via our Instagram!

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Alexandria Maria Wombwell-Povey, Founder

Alexandria graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BA in English studies. Following this she completed her yoga teacher training in Chiang Rai, Thailand, before moving to Sydney. In Sydney she completed a Masters in Commerce, majoring in International Business (minor: Global Marketing).

In her spare time, Alexandria runs an online blog focusing on food, travel and lifestyle.

CHAM came from a passionate place and she is keen to not only reinvent the existing category, but also help lead a wider movement towards a more transparent use of ingredients in our food.

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Will Parry, Co-Founder

Will graduated from Durham University with a B.A. in History before moving to Australia to pursue his Masters of Commerce, with a major in Corporate Finance. During this degree other areas of study included Economics and Corporate Strategy.

Will previously worked in oil & gas and at crowdfunding platform Movement Capital, which aimed to attract foreign investment into emerging markets.

In early 2018 Will joined the CHAM team as co-founder and COO. In his spare time Will is an active member of London’s health and fitness scene.


Bagel, Chief ChairDog

If you really want to know who’s running the shots at CHAM HQ, it’s this little guy- Bagel! A friendly little Cockapoo, he’s named after our favourite combo- CHAM + bagels. Keep up with his adventure on his Instagram!